Thursday, February 4, 2010


So I still haven't weighed myself and I haven't been able to walk the last couple of days because I felt ill and now I just am too lazy. I keep thinking, "I'll walk tomorrow." but I don't. I know I have 17 days and I actually think that I will suddenly just look thin one day. Plus I need to work on my taxes but of course I keep pushing that to the side. Here's the plan: I'll walk after lunch and then I'll gather up all of my tax stuff and start by later this afternoon. I have to stick to this. I used to tell myself to do something when I thought of it because then I would not have to do it at the last minute and I could relax and it really helped but I've gone back to my evil ways. Plus I'm dying to bake a new Blueberry Bran Loaf and maybe I will after I spend time on taxes. First I have to straighten the house though. Straighten, eat, walk, taxes, bake. Let's see if I follow through. I'll let you know.....
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