Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why Are Some People So Hateful?!

Did you ever meet someone who you thought was your friend only to have them turn on you like a vicious hyena with rabies? Of course you have, they're everywhere! Well, I am involved with a pack of these hyenas. We'll call the leader of the pack Dunno. These are her puppets or followers, Catty, Downer and Gumpy the Girlyman, Gumpy for short.
You see, this pack of pathetic hyenas is so afraid that other normal creatures will come into their territory and take their "power" away from them that they have pretty much become unbearable to deal with. Here's the lowdown on each of them.

Dunno-Very insecure, indecisive, overwhelmed, two-faced, deceitful, mean, oh and did I mention two-faced?

Catty-Immature, hateful, power hungry, phony, and petty.

Downer-Boring, depressing, negative, blah, and needy.

Gumpy-No backbone, the most two-faced man I've ever seen, follower, simple, cowardly and disappointing.

So there are all the players in this nasty little pack. Not that I am without fault. I let things get the better of me and jab back but with me what you see is what you get. I don't want to play their disgusting game of deceit but if you sit back from my angle you see that nothing seems to stop them. Stop back to see how this whole mess unfolds, it's good entertainment.
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