Thursday, March 11, 2010

Well the hyenas are back. We had a pack meeting and all the other pack members were there and did they get a show! Gumpy put his tail between his legs and left because he couldn't stand to see his girlfriend Dunno looking like a fool. He said "I quit!" Then proceeded to trot off into the night to go do what maimed rabid hyenas do when they know they are beaten. Well the head hyena in chief said "I will take this to the Grand Hyena of them all and he will decide all of our fate and we will live with his decision." She did and the Grand Hyena ruled against the rabid clique and boy are they mad. The moral of this story is: Don't make up lies because the truth will always prevail. Lie, cheat, steal or whatever but don't do it to this girl because the truth will kick you in your flea-bitten carcass! Oh and by the way, Gumpy said he's back to the clique. I guess his girlfriend convinced him to come back to make my life miserable. Bring it on!
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