Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Out With the Old In With the New!

I am so excited to announce my next big adventure!  I just became an independent consultant with Scentsy wickless candles!  I know, I know, I'm already into my craft biz, Avon, Thirty-One and now Scentsy.  Well, the time has come to shed some of my time wasters and Avon is at the top of the list.  Don't get me wrong, while I did enjoy selling it at one point eventually it became a huge pain.  Buying brochures every two weeks, trying to submit orders in time to beat the 12:00 pm deadline or run the risk of having to pay a penalty, running all over town to deliver a $5 item... you get my point, it just became a CHORE.  Now as far as my craft biz goes, I am at liberty to do whatever I want, whenever I want without having to meet any quotas or monthly minimums.  Because of this I can pick it up or drop it as I please.  I don't even consider it something I need to focus on.  That is where Thirty-One and Scentsy come in to play.

 I joined Thirty-One six months ago because I fell in love with my bags.  I just recently found out how awesome Scentsy products are.  This is where my "job" focus is going to be aimed.  I'm excited about both products because they both satisfy very different needs.  I have a love of bags (just ask my hubby or look in my closet) so being able to buy a different one any time I want is "heaven".

As far as Scentsy, ever since my first job behind a make-up counter I've been a fan of fragrance.  Typically this would be fine fragrance but there are similarities between perfume and scented "candles".  How do you think the wax gets it's smell?  They both rely on oils and natural aromatic materials and the such so Scentsy just appeals to that part of me.

Who know where this new path will take me?  Who knows if I'll ever sell Avon again?  I just know that I am committed to both of these new endeavors and excited to see where they take me.
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