Friday, January 11, 2013

Loving our new Samsung products!

My family is somewhat tech savvy, at least the kids and me.  My hubby isn't and maybe that's a good thing, it's hard enough to share the computers with two girls!  Well this Christmas we decided to splurge on the girls.  Chloe wanted an ipod, since that's what her friends have but Jensen was a little more open to suggestions.  I tried to talk her into a tablet and she was very into the idea.  So there we were, Black Friday evening and I was trying to compare the Samsung's to the Apple's.  How in the world could I spend $200 on something if I didn't know if the girls really wanted it?  The only way to be sure was to have the girls listen to what the saleslady had to say about each product and feel each one in their own hands.  I had already done a boatload of research on different devices and was leaning toward the Samsung.  The girl at Best Buy explained it like this, "The Samsung can do everything the ipod can do, and more".  That was it, decision made, the Samsung it is.  Chloe, wanting something ipodish, chose the 5" player and to my surprise so did Jensen.  I thought for sure she'd go for the 7"!  I was ecstatic to get them on sale for $169 and haven't seen them that low since.  Looking to save even more money we opted to order screen protectors directly from Zagg and one cover from rearth, the other off Ebay.  Perfect!  These players are awesome and the girls love them.  The only thing we need to figure out is how to add a free texting app, that works.  I didn't make out too bad either.  I got the 7" Tab 2.  Love it!

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