Friday, June 28, 2013

Looking Back at Our First Assateague Island Adventure

Summer's in full swing at my house and it's soon time for our annual beach vacation to Ocean City, Maryland. I was looking through photos the other day and came across pictures of our first trip to the beach with the girls. It was during the Fall of 2009 and the girls were 6 and 9. The best part of the trip was that my mom and dad went along and they showed us a whole new world that we had never explored, even though I had gone to O.C. many times before. One of the best areas to swim and explore is Assateague Island. Not only was this my first time visiting the island but the fact that this was the girl's first time seeing the ocean was so exciting! I'll never forget their faces when we got to the top of the dunes.
The weather was not the greatest that weekend but the view was still spectacular! I think Jensen was just amazed at how big the ocean really was.
We almost lost a flip flop (mine!) but luckily dad saved it. We still go to Assateague every time we're at O.C., that's the only place we'll swim.
The beaches at Assateague are more natural than most of the other groomed beaches along the coast. There is a lot of wildlife to see while swimming (horseshoe crabs, blue crabs, fish and more) and even more while driving around the island (sika deer and the ponies). While the horses are absolutely beautiful to watch, you have to watch your step in the sand because there are more than a few piles of manure littering the beach.
If you're in O.C. make sure you take a boat ride to Assateague to learn the history of the island. The different tours we went on were very informative and you can go ashore at places not accessible by foot. The kids loved scouting for "hermit crabs" and minnows.
We had so much fun that year and each year after as well. The whole family is excited to head back again to see what we can find this year!
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