Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Simple Summertime Project

One of my favorite things to do with the kids over Summer, that costs nothing but brings back priceless childhood memories for me, is to color Queen Anne's Lace. Not very high tech but the kids like to see what colors they can come up with and how long it takes to turn each plant into a piece of art. First, find some Queen Anne's Lace to cut. You can usually find it growing along the roadside or in grassy fields. We have areas on the property that are uncut so I just look along the edges of the high grass. Try to cut blooms that haven't yet fully opened.
You can choose any kind of container to house them in but I like using these little glass cups because I like to see the different colors of water. I chose to do four. I use regular food and egg dye found at any grocery store.
Add as many drops as you desire and experiment with mixing colors, that's part of the fun!
Set them out and wait for the magic to happen. By the next day you'll start to see them changing colors!
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