Friday, January 16, 2015

We Really Do Have a Zoo!

What do you do when God puts a beautiful cat who needs a good home in front of you?  If you are me and my girls you take it home!  That's what happened to our family this past Summer.

Izzy came to live with us one evening (against my hubby's wishes) and ending up getting pregnant right away.  Hey, we didn't know if she was spayed or not.  Well of course she wasn't.  Google became my best friend over the next 60-some days.  At first it was, "How to tell if your cat is pregnant.", then "How long is a cat pregnant?", and finally "How do you know when your cat is going in to labor?".  Ugh!  I grew up with a cat, Panther was her name, and she was always having kittens so you'd think that I would be an expert in this field but I'm not.  Panther would get pregnant, get fat then go off and have her babies.  We'd see her skinny again then start scrounging our barn for her nest only finding it a couple of times.  She did everything, we never had to play Douala for her and that's what I thought would happen with Izzy.  Boy was I wrong!

One Sunday morning, July 13th to be exact, my hubby opened the basement door to let Izzy up for her breakfast and noticed she looked skinnier and then he heard the mews.  Oh my gosh, she had the babies.  I jumped out of bed to see them and was I in for a shock.  I pulled 5 little kittens out of the insulation where she had them but 4 of them were entangled in an afterbirth, placenta, insulation mess.  Izzy had only chewed one kitten off the umbilical cord.  Talk about freaking out, I had no idea what to do so once again I hopped on Google to find out how to cut and tie a kitten's umbilical cord.  Enter one pair of scissors and some dental floss and some very shaky hands.  Voila!  We did it.  It wasn't very pretty but we managed to get everyone safe and settled.

The following days were very trying for me and the kids.  They were such troopers, getting up in the middle of the night with me to help with Izzy and the babies.  See Izzy didn't really like her kids so we had to force her to nurse them.  I think she was a young, first-time mom so that made sense.  I looked at it like she was a teenager having quintuplets.  Always had a traumatized look in her eyes.  But soon things got easier and fast forward to today and we now have 3 healthy 6 month old kittens.  Don't worry, we didn't lose any.  My sister, bless her soul, took one and my mother and father in law took one just recently which leaves us with 3 babies and Izzy.  Much more manageable as opposed to when we had 6 cats, 2 dogs, 2 guinea pigs, 1 parakeet and 2 hermit crabs (if they're still alive).  My hubby has grown to live with all of the herd, too.  What helps there is the new litter we found, which I will write about another day.  Now you can not tell we have a house full of kitties, unless they are clawing at your legs or begging for you to hold them.  Yes, Izzy did well.  She didn't know what to do and neither did we but we survived and more importantly, the kittens did, too.

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