Thursday, March 10, 2016

Time To Get Fit!

I recently got the idea that it may be time to think about dieting, again.  I've done it before, really only once and had success. But because of my love affair with food and sitting on the couch, I gained back what I had lost and a little more.  Only five pounds more but that put me at the highest weight I've ever been outside of being pregnant.  Yikes!  Grrr, dieting.  I hate that word.  I don't want to become one of those yo-yo dieters bouncing back and forth between skinny and fat or take my body down that road.  I've heard that people who yo-yo diet end up gaining more in the long run.  Anyway, my breaking point was this past Valentine's Day.  Nothing special provoked me to start a new weight loss journey that day, I had finally just had enough of feeling like a stuffed sausage.
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That Valentine's night while everyone else was in bed I decided to check out what this new Beyond the Scale thing is from Weight Watchers.  I had used W.W. in the past to lose 20 pounds (that was that one time when I dieted) and I didn't think it was too hard so after doing a little online scooping I took the plunge and signed up. Fast forward now three weeks.  I'm down 9 pounds (woo-hoo!) and feeling so much better already.  I set a goal to lose 25 pounds which I feel is very realistic and attainable.  I can't wait to share this journey with you!  That doesn't mean I'll stop posting yummy recipes, I may throw some healthy ones in though. 
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