Thursday, November 17, 2016

My Fabulous Weight Watchers Journey

Awhile back I mentioned the word "diet" and how I had decided to jump on that wonderful bandwagon again.  Well it's been nine months and I'm happy to report that I'm 25 pounds lighter than I was last Valentine's Day.  WooHoo!  Now let me tell you, it's not been all roses and butterflies.  I've had times where I'd lose a couple pounds and then gain back two or three or I'd go three weeks and the scale wouldn't budge but overall I have to say I'm thrilled with my results.  I met my goal and now I want to set a new goal to lose ten more pounds.
You may recall that I used Weight Watchers to kick-start my weight loss journey.  I used it previously and had success so I decided to take that route again and yes, it was the correct route for me because it has helped me tremendously.  My favorite part about Weight Watchers is the app I downloaded on my phone.  Unfortunately because I live under a rock I had not had a smart phone the first time I used WW so all my tracking was done by hand.  As in writing it in the journal they sold online.  Lucky for me my mom and sister were also doing WW but they were going to real meetings and they could purchase items there which is how I got my tracker, points calculator and points books.  Now a couple of years later, and me coming into the current century I finally have a smartphone and have taken advantage of their wonderful app.  It is so much easier to track my points online!!  My favorite part is the scanner.  When you're at the grocery store and you're grabbing for a box of cereal or tub of ice cream you can scan the bar code and it will tell you how many points that item has per serving.  Such a lifesaver!  I also love being able to key in my own recipes and calculating points.  The recipe is saved so that it's there the next time I need to track it.  The best part about the app is that it is very user friendly which is the key to using it and to keep using it.
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Have you struggled to lose weight? Have you tried a program you thought you'd love only to find yourself giving up because of it being too hard to keep up with?  If you are serious about wanting to lose weight but still want to be able to eat foods you love please look into Weight Watchers.  For me, it's the least restrictive plan that I know I can actually live with. And more importantly live with while seeing results!
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