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Hi and welcome to my "About Me" page.  My name is Clarissa and I've been blogging for almost three years.  I'm a happily married mother of two and a dedicated stay at home mom.  My husband Jim and I have been married since May of '93.  Our oldest daughter Chloe is 13 going on 16.  She definitely has that teen attitude!  Our youngest daughter Jensen just turned 11 and is the sweetheart of the family.  Hmmm, they say that kids take after their parents and it's definitely true in their case, but who do you think takes after me?!  I can't help it that I'm a very opinionated, passionate Libra.  I don't claim to know everything but hope that what I share can be used by at least one person.  Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Assateague Island 2009

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